Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers the usage and associated data collection of The Wallslider app.


The Wallslider collects and stores game data for the purpose of computing high scores and improving the gameplay experience.

I ensure your privacy and make my life easier by collecting as little information about you as possible

The data collected is associated to a unique identifier, stored on your device, which will be associated with a username you can choose to provide. This unique identifier is the only thing tying the data, including your username, to you. Deleting the game will delete this unique identifier from your phone. Neither you or I will ever be able to associate that data to you again.

The Detail

What data do I collect?

I collect very little data and none of it is personally identifiable unless you make it so (i.e. by providing identifiable information in your username). This is what I collect and store:

How do I collect your data?

How will I use your data?

The only potentially identifiable information I have is your username, and I'll be using the gameplay data collected for the following purposes:

How do I store your data?

I rely on a database hosted and managed by Heroku to store the player and gameplay data.

What are your data protection rights?

Depends on where you are, but I'll endeavour to treat everyone on the level provided by GDPR. I don't store any personal information and have no way to link the data personally to you. If you set a username that contains any identifiable information, you can delete this data by updating your username.

What about cookies?

This website doesn't currently use cookies (the YouTube embed will track you somewhat if you play it, but I won't), if that changes, this privacy policy will be updated accordingly. You can find out more about cookies at

Privacy policies of other websites.

The Wallslider app and website contain links to other websites. This privacy policy only applies to The Wallslider app and website so if you click on a link to another site, you should read their privacy policy.

Changes to this privacy policy.

This privacy policy was last updated on 1 October 2020. It will be reviewed as necessary and updates will be made to this webpage.

How can I contact you?

You can find my contact details on the contact page.